Landscape Design

Landscaped Pathways & Pavement Installations

Pavement Landscape Design Installation and Construction

Pathways and pavements are hardscape structures add order to landscapes. These structures make it possible to enjoy your landscape without having to step on the grass. There are a variety of popular finishes for pathways and pavement options, such as natural stone or pavers, to fit the design of your landscape.

WTGardens Landscaping is able to design pathways so that they wind around the lawn or garden, making an area that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Pathways and pavements for your Gardens

Our company can also improve the existing condition of your pathways and pavements. We are able to install grass pavers for parking areas and pathways and we can also supply pavers and natural stone flooring for your garden landscape needs. These pathway hardscapes can be easily added to your existing grass lawn or lawn area. We also do installation of natural cut stone slabs as pathways for your garden.

We have a wide variety of pathway or landscape pavement design options using natural stones, commercial grade pavers, and stampcrete. WTGardens Landscaping can also change the softscape to match the existing pathway or pavement of your garden. Our team of garden designers and architects not only offer you solutions to garden pathway and pavements challenges in landscaping, we also offer you better options, ideas and the right execution for your garden’s pathways and pavement needs.

Free Estimate

Do you have plans to add pathways or pavers to your garden? Submit your plans and we will reply with a free estimate on your project.

"We were concerned about finding a company that provided us personalized service, and a true dedication to the quality of the job. With WTGardens, we received both. Thank you very much! "
- Mrs. Yu (Residential Landscaping at Tagaytay Highlands)
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